Information on how and when to submit a Local Tour Permit

Only a registered adult can submit Local tour Permits.

Get setup to submit Local Tour Permits:

1. Enter your person identification number from your membership card and Council number - 081 on your profile.
2. You must go to Modify Profile to select Tour Permits as a feature on your account by placing a checkmark in the box. You must scroll to the bottom of that window and Submit to save the selection.
3. If Tour Permits does not display as one of the available applications for your account, you are not registered in a position for which the submission of tour permits is allowed. Tour permit users must be registered unit leaders in order to have the Tour Permit feature available.

Submit a Local Tour Permit:

1. Logon to to fill out the Local Tour Permit Online.
2. Click on "Tour Permits" on the left side menu.
3. Follow the instructions on the main page to Create a request.

Philosophy behind the tour permit and rules: Click here

There is a PowerPoint presentation on the process of submission: Click here

Here is the link to the form that can be printed and faxed or turned into Council - Click here