Cub Scout Pack 2 Packmaster.NET Setup instructions

These instruction will walk leaders through the process of setting up the Packmaster software as well as connecting to our Packmaster.NET data. These two tasks are outlined below.

Gather the required setup and password information sent by the Pack Secretary (print or write down) and then close all running applications except the window you have these instructions open in.

Install the version of Packmaster that the Pack Secretary is running by downloading the install from our site HERE. Click on this link and choose RUN from the pop-up box in Internet Explorer. If you use another browser, you can run it or save it to your PC and then launch it.

Use the "Default" installation option for the Packmaster setup. When asked if you will be providing a license, answer YES.

You will be prompted to enter the license key and information for the Pack. Enter the "PackMaster Setup" details provided by the Pack Secretary.

Packmaster may ask you to restart your computer at the end of the installation. If it does, close this window and answer YES to restarting. *** Make sure to return here after restarting your computer!!

Once Packmaster is installed, you will follow these instructions to get connected to the Packmaster.NET data for Pack 2.

Launch Packmaster from you Start Menu

Go to the "File" menu and select "Packmaster.NET"


Fill out ALL of the sections circled in red and verify the rest match the screenshot.

Use the "Packmaster.NET Setup" instructions from the pack Secretary for these fields:

Server, Port, UserID (the same for everyone in the Pack), passsord (the same for everyone in the Pack)

Check the box "Activate Packmaster DotNet"

Web Data Path should include only a forward slash

Check the box "Use Passive Mode (PASV)

Fill out your Name, Email and Phone Number. This info is only used in our database and is not shared with anyone outside of the Pack.

In the section "Prompt for Read-Only on startup" - Choose "Prompt for Read-Only". This will enable leaders to launch in Read-Only mode when they only need reports and keep from accidentally changing data. Each time you open packmaster, it will allow you to choose Read-Only or Edit mode.

When all fields are filled out as described, click OK to save the changes.


Packmaster will download the data from our Packmaster.NET FTP server and after a few seconds, you will be able to see our data.