Blue Gold Banquet Arrangements

The FIRST, but not only resource for the list of items required is HERE. This "Blue Gold Supply List" includes Plasticware, paper, drinks, number of tables, etc.

Additional Info

Balloons/ Helium: Fulton Paper Helium tank, Medium (fills @ 140 balloons) $30 rental no cart. (get cart if one is not available to strap tank to).
For 75th Anniversary we got balloons from Scout Shop. They are blue and silver w/75th logo and are $7.20 for 25 baloons.
Don't forget ribbons and weights to hold balloons.

Plasticware: Fulton Party or Costco are good sources. See "Blue Gold Supply List" - Prices from 2005 at Fulton.

Food: See "Blue Gold Supply List" You can also see previous year's shopping lists. 2004 - 2005

Ceremonies: it should be in this it is 37 pages history of boy scouting ceremony in this one cronology

Table Layout: Link to Image file (read only) - Link to Visio Diagram (for editing)

Entertainment: 2004 we had a an entertainer, Bill Kerwood (clown/comedian). 2005 was Arrow of Light and Flag Retirement.

Program for the evening: 2004 - 2005(not yet available) - 2005 Agenda including Arrow of Light

Previous year's flyers: 2005

Planning / Scheduling:

Using RSVP's, get # of people attending, break out kids VS adults.

Contact Mr. Mark at TIS regarding beverage urns at 239-0330; TIS has 2 hot urns and 3-4 cold beverage coolers. The Pack also has one cold beverage cooler.

Arrange volunteers to bring coolers to hold beverages in gallon jugs and ice. Also coolers just for bags of ice.

Check Pack inventory before making purchases. Especially paper and plastic goods.

Coffee will take at least 45 minutes to brew, another urn to heat water for tea, need extension cords depending on where table is set up, coffee urn has an on/off switch that must be turned on before it will brew whether plugged in or not.

You will want to bring big bowls for ice with cups for digging ice out, set out several cups with ice cubes ahead of time to decrease holdup at beverage table.

Signs to identify cold beverages in containers.

Bring rolls of paper towels; the ice melts onto the floor and needs wiped up. Also for spills.

Inventory as of 1/17/2006 - HERE