2007 Pack-O-Ree Planning Notes

Pack-O-Ree 2007 Planning

We charged $5 per family and the budget this year is $700. BUT, if you need to spend more to have cool activities or make it a great experience, just let me know how much more. We have plenty and this is a big event for us.

I was planning to make a card of achievements for each boy by age level

Regarding Service Projects at Rodney for POR: First thing that comes to mind is a beach cleanup.
That is walk along the beach and pick up any trash that has washed up during the courseof the winter, the beach is 2 miles long, that should take them a litle while.

Also along that same line the to areas that we use during summer camp along the beach have allot of drift wood on them and if you have enough adult supervision the could gather it and burn it.

The Pack owns a few tents that are available for use this weekend if you need one.

Here is the list of stuff I think we will need off of the other list you sent.
Alluminum trays—to carry the cooked foil packets on hot cups —for coffee and hot chocolate?
Some plastic cups
reynolds wrap—for leftovers
Trash bags—for lodge and for beach clean-up some plastic utensils in case someone forgets(but they have to wash
zip lock bags
oven mitts

I was able to get to Cosco and Acme tonight and have most of what we discussed. Below is the actual purchase. The yellow is changes (mostly quantity), and the green is still needed.
Water - individual bottles - 2 - 35 packs of water bottles Water -
large jugs - (12) 2.5 gallon containers
Milk - 3 gallons of milk (2 - whole milk & 1 - 2% milk)
Coffee - Eric, can you bring your Dunkin Donuts coffee
Tea - (2) box of 16/ea
Juice - (2) gal -Apple or (4) 3 quarts - Orange Juice
Hot chocolate for Breakfast - (30 individual packages)
For foil packets -
burger - (2) box of 40/ea, pre-made 1/4 lb burgers
4 oz potato - 51 potatoes
1 slice of onion - (8) large onions for 51 slices of onion
2 oz carrots - (2) 5#bags of small fresh carrots
fruit salad 8 oz per person - (3) -106oz cans of fruit salad, supplimented w/ fresh fruit
burger rolls - 80 potato burger rolls
condiments-relish, ketchup, mustard - 1jar mustard, 1 jar ketchup, Eric, can you bring your 1 jar relish, 1 jar mustard, 1 jars ketchup.
Cheese for the burgers - 2 lbs of American cheese
Dessert - Nancy, could you bring the Girl scout cookies.
Snacks -pretzels - (1) large bags
chips - 2 bags of potato chips
Sunday Breakfast-(1)- complete pancake mix (add water only).
left over fruit salad
sausage - 100 + sausage links
oatmeal- (1) 55 pack of Quaker instant
several kinds of cereal - Cheerios, Rice Krispies -
butter and syrup - 2 - lbs butter
(2) large bottles syrup

Eric, please bring sugar packs, and creamer/half and half
Some items discussed that I did not get:
Smores ingredients, bananas, PB&J dinner backup, Bill could you get these items? I am not sure of the size of refrigerator, and I do have one big cooler that I will transport the refrigerated food in. Eric can you bring your cooler loaded with ice ? Between the two we should be able to keep most of the drinks on ice. I will get the milk Fri. evening.
Do you think we should do any prep. to the food ? I was specifically thinking about cutting up onions. Are we taking the food to camp Sat. morning or Fri. night ? I know there is some camp info on Fri.; however, I need to be back in Newark by 7:30, do we have a time on this ?