2005 Pack-O-Ree Planning Information

We will organize the a meeting place and the caravan to get everyone to Rodney a
little later.

April 8th is our next Pack meeting. At that time I will need all medical forms
completed (copy attached). If you do not have the forms, I will bring blank
copies with me, so just bring your sons' immunization information. Medical
forms are in effect for one year. I will maintain an extra copy to turn over to
whomever is running summer camp and this will fulfill you obligation for summer
camp medical forms. If there is a problem getting me the forms that evening,
please let me know so we can work something out. I also plan to collect any
registration fees still outstanding.

We will have a couple of Boy Scouts attending our Pack meeting to provide a
demonstration on how to pack your backpack. This should be enjoyable to watch
and maybe even informational.

Please let me know if you or your child have any food allergies. I want to make
sure we store and prepare everyone's food in a way that is healthy and safe. I
will be preparing a menu in the next few days and getting my shopping list


The schedule for the day is currently being reviewed by Paula and Eric and will
be provided as soon as possible. We will be conducting (5) five basic
activities through the course of the day. 1) making a utility rope and working
with knots, 2) making a Den flag which can be used at all Pack and Den
activates, 3) Indian crafts, 4) a Den sponsored activity, and 5) a game filled
team building exercise. We will also have crafts that are age specific for the
siblings attending and they will also have an opportunity to participate in many
of the fun and games. At the campfire, each Den will be REQUIRED to put on a
little skit... so get working on it. I will lead the siblings in a skit so they
will also be asked to participate in the evenings fun. We might even have a
little something for the best skit.

The scouts will remain within their Dens through the entire day, with the
exception of free time and the optional hike. Each Den will be accompanied by a
least one Boy Scout who has crossed over from our Pack and will act as a camp
guide. They are familiar with Camp Rodney and will have compasses, maps and a
copy of the schedule. It will be there job to escort the Dens through the camp
and get them where they need to be on time. Parents will also be given copies
of the maps and schedules and are asked to support the Boy Scouts as much as

Activity supplies have been purchased and are being organized for the events.

Shopping for the weekend will be completed in the next couple of days with
kitchen prep work taken care of next week.

I have an offer for one 30 cup coffee maker, but still need one more. Please
let me know if you can help out.

The Leaders and Camp Guides will be going to camp Friday evening to get things
set up. This will also allow us to focus on helping organize your set-up
Saturday morning.

Our final head count is 84 campers. 43 Scouts and siblings, and
41 adults.

The camp schedule, meal plan, and duty rosters for the weekend have been
completed and I will distribute copies at the Pack meeting on Friday evening.
We will also conduct a discussion/demonstration on preparing for camp and
camping etiquette, more commonly known as "The Outdoor Code."

I have ordered and received all of our Indian crafts. As part of our planned
actives, each rank will make a different Indian craft and each sibling will be
working on two (at different time in the day). I have done my best to insure
these are age and time specific crafts. Tigers will be working on Eagle Claw
Necklace, Wolves will making Bear Claw Armbands, Bears will make Hairpipe
Chokers and the Webelos and Boy Scouts will make Coup Feathers.

The scouts will be making utility ropes and working on rank specific knots.
They will keep the rope for future purposes. They will also be working as a
group on Den flags. These will be permanent fixtures to be handed down to the
lower rank at crossover. Each Den will be responsible for conducting there own
activity and there is a fair amount of free time scheduled to allow those
camping to do their own thing.

We need two 30 cup coffee makers. One to make coffee with and the second for
hot water for tea and hot chocolate. If you have a coffee maker you would like
to share, please let me know.

Because not everyone will be able to arrive at camp as designed or stay for
every activity, I will have copies of the camp map, road map to camp, Packoree
schedule, suggested packing list and addition medical forms at the Pack meeting.
This will allow you to customize your camping experience around your life versus
your life around camping. Remember, this is suppose to be low impact camping.

We will have a Pack meeting around the campfire. During which time we will
enjoy Den skits. As I had previously mentioned, I will working with all the
siblings to put on a little skit. Please talk this up with your children and
ask them to participate as much as possible. We want them to have as much fun
as possible, but they don't know me and might be a little anxious of doing
something with an adult they don't know. I would like to have an adult
volunteer to work with me on this. This will insure we maintain the youth
protection standards prescribed by BSA.

From a planning standpoint it is important to remember that I need medical
forms, Class 1 only, and the registration fee for anyone that has not turned in
these to date. If you will not be at the meeting and need to get me these
items, please drop me a note so we can work out the best plan of action.


We have 77+ join us on our Packoree from the Pack 2 family. If you are interested here are the numbers.

12 Tigers
5 Wolves
6 Bears
1 WI
6+ WII/BS (not fully registered yet)

We have 7 Leaders with their families, who have signed up to attend.

44 campers have a selected to sleep in tents while 30 campers have opted for the cabins.

We have 30 parents attending, 19 dads and 11 moms. Many of the moms are attending with dads, so this is truly a family camping trip. We even have one young man who decided for his birthday trip he wanted to go camping. His parents have asked if they can supply a birthday cake for the entire Pack.

We have 10 siblings attending, 6 brothers and 4 sisters, ranging from 14 years to 14 months in age

Everyone will be responsible for collecting firewood and cleaning up, both after meals and before we break camp. I will finalize my duty roster to have specific ranks responsible for different aspects of the camping trip.

The Pack will provide breakfast and lunch Saturday for those coming down Friday evening. Please let me know immediately if you will be joining us Friday evening so I can get my shopping list finalized.

Please remember each Den will be responsible to perform a skit at campfire Saturday night