Summer Camp Chair Position Guide

Basic Description of Position:

The Summer Camp chairperson would be responsible for making contact with the camp of our choice to arrange payments, identify important dates, communicate to Pack, etc. We sometimes have a representative from Camp Henson (because it is in our Council) attend Blue Gold for a presentation. Registration may be online.

Tour Permit Required?


List of duties:


Links to more information:

Previous years archives are listed here:

Camp Henson - ARCHIVE

Camp Oest - ARCHIVE

Camp Musser-Garrison - ARCHIVE (We researched but never camped here)

These archives can be used as a template for each new year of summer camp. Provide updates to the webmaster to be uploaded to the website.


Detailed information is available on the Cub Pack 2 web page (Archive linked above) and the Council web pages (dependent on which camp we go to), which includes infomration packets for the Pack and sometimes for the families as well.
At Camp Henson in 2007, we had the option of purchasing customized T-shirts for campers that attended. The order was placed online and delivered at Camp (because of how late the order was placed) and the total cost to the Pack was $435.00 for 2-Adult Lg, 9 Adult Sm, 12 Adult XL and 4 Youth Mediums. We decided this was a good value as much for the advertisement value to the rest of the Pack as anything. We needed top promote attendance for future years.
Sample Schedules from henson 2007: Webelos: