Pack-O-Ree Chair Position Guide

Basic Description of Position:

Work with another Chairperson to plan and organize resources for 2 day Camping trip to Camp Rodney. This is a family camping trip so adults and siblings are encouraged to attend. Provided by the Pack: some meals, activities, crafts, lodging.

Tour Permit Required?


List of duties:

Plan event details, schedule, menu, crafts, activities, buy or gather materials, retain help from other adults, advertise in the Pack, provide sign-up form(re-use previous years') and collect registrations, medical forms and money. Communicate any requirements / changes to the Pack.

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2009 Supplies List and Menu - Attached is the foodlist for the Packoree. I have adjusted it a little for 5-8 more people depending on meal, and some from memory of last year.  The biggest adjustment was hot dogs and burgers.  Last year there were about 1.5 dogs/person and 1.25 burgers/person.  The attached list is about 2.5 hot dogs/person and about 1.7 burgers/person.  I left the chicken and veggie burgers in for variety if wanted, but we need to be able to distinguish them somehow.

2009 Packing list

2009 Activity Stations

Re-usable documents:

Word Template for the Registration Packet this can be used to easily create a registration form for families to fill out.

Camp Jobs List

Map of Camp with Brown lodge highlighted


Date (Any significant time of year or date): April-May
Location: Camp Rodney
Directions:  From Rt. 40, go south on 272 toward the town of North East.  Measuring 5.7 miles from US 40, go through the town of North East. Just past the package goods store/gas station, turn right onto Red Point Rd., then an immediate left onto Arrants Rd. Entrance to camp 200 yards on right.
Accomodations if overnight: Lodge and Bring your own tent.  Lodges have cot bunk beds with mattress. Make sure families bring their own sleeping bags.
How far in advance should arrangements be made: Early enough to get reservation for lodges we want.
Is transportation provided, if so what vendor was used(including contact info): Parents provide transportation
Parent permission slip required:
Cost to scout / family: $5
Does the event benefit a non-profit organization: no
Web link for more info:
What forms are required to be submitted by scout(i.e. Ski form): Registration form and Medical Forms
Additional Info:
Bring: stock pots, gas bottles are full and that we have mantels for the lanterns, 30 cup cofee makers - for coffee and hot water for cocoa, canopy, brown bag lunch for Saturday, folding chair for around the campfire, a hat (for those who struggle with their appearance first thing in the mornings).

Pack to hike in to camp (extra clothes can be left in the car) double check the suggested packing list

In 2005 we stopped by the Council office and rented another building we can use for our activities during the day and to get out of the rain if things get to bad.  We will have plenty of in-door space.

Ponchos, Ponchos, Ponchos!
Hats and gloves.  A knit cap would be best.  The kids can sleep in those as well to help keep them warm at night Your favorite game.  Please bring something that is GROUP interactive.  If you have a log left over from the winter, please bring one.

NO GAMEBOY, iPod or other electronic stuff.

Prepare some meals ahead of time, like breakfast sausage, etc.