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This area should provide documentation to support your scout during their quest for fun and achievements.

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Scouting books in electronic format. (Search & browse the books from anywhere):
Academics and Sports Program (Belt loops and Pins)
Academics and Sports Program Details (Check back for updates)


Scout Uniform Inspection(Incl. Insignia Placement)
 Insignia Picture
Female Leader Insignia Placement
Male Leader Insignia Placement
Help Guide for local Uniform Resources

 Den Leaders Resources:

Tiger Rank Den Meeting Agendas
Wolf Den Calendar 1 Sample
Wolf Den Calendar 2 Sample with supporting docs
Bear Den Calendar Sample 1
 Age appropriate Guides for Activities
Den Meeting Program(Cubs)
Bear Den Outing Ideas
Bear Den Calendar Sample 2
Den Sign-in Sheet (.XLS Right-Click and Save As. or click to Open)
Having Fun with Knots
Den Meeting Program(Webelos)
Parent Talent Survey
Baloo's Bugle-Extremely good reference material
Cub Scout Trail
Songs for Scouts

Packmaster Install and Packmaster.NET Setup. Requires License from Pack leader.


 Adult Volunteer and Leaders Resources:

 Pack 2 Role descriptions Level 1
Pack 2 Role descriptions Level 2
Popcorn DEN Order Form Template
How to USE Web Mail (Instructions) - NEW!!
2003-2004 Pack Calendar
2004-05 Pack Calendar
2005-2006 Pack Calendar
2006-2007 Pack Calendar
2007-2008 Pack Calendar

2008-2009 Pack Calendar

Local Tour Permit Online Instructions
How to Update the webmail Contact Lists
Baloo's Bugle-Extremely good reference material
Pack 2 Letterhead - Word 2003
Business Card Template - Scout
Business Card Template - US Flag
Personal Health & Medical Form
Personal Health & Medical FAQ

Event Chair Sign-Up Sheet NEW!!

This is an Excel Template to be modified for any event

Informed Consent Agreement Form (For use when Scout is not attending with parent)

Achievement Trackers

Style 1
Style 2
Tiger Achievement Tracking Spreadsheet1
Tiger Achievement Tracking Spreadsheet2
Wolf Achievement Tracking Spreadsheet1
Wolf Achievement Tracking Spreadsheet2
Bear Achievement Tracking Spreadsheet1
Bear Achievement Tracking Spreadsheet2
Webelos Achievement Tracking Spreadsheet1
Webelos Achievement Tracking Spreadsheet2
Summertime Awards
Academic and Sports Achievement Tracker (Beltloops and Pins)
Adult Leader Tracking Spreadsheet
Achievement Coordinator Tracking Spreadhseet
Bear: Home vs. Den Achievements
Cub Trax for all ranks as well as Belt Loops/Pins

Online Training

Fast Start and Youth Protection (Also Safe Swim and Safety Afloat)

In order to use the new online training web site, you'll need your "Person ID" in order to create an account.  If you don't have your person ID yet, continue to take the course, but please submit your person ID the next time you log in by selecting the My Information link. This will ensure tracking of your training.  You can save or print the proof of completion at the end.

Explanation of Training requirements and course details.

The Schedule for in-person Training is available from the Pack Training chairperson.

Additional Educational Information

Cub Scout Camping Policies
THE Guide to Safe Scouting
"Leave No Trace"
Outdoor Program Guide

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Chair Positions

Awards Chair
Web Site Admin
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